Evaluation Module for TGS26-series Sensors

EM26 Evaluation Module for TGS26-series Sensors

This module conveniently facilitates the evaluation of the characteristics of the MOS gas sensor TGS26-series.

When evaluating sensor characteristics, it is recommended to convert the output voltage (Vout) of this module into the sensor resistance value (Rs) and the rate of change of the sensor resistance value.
* For the characteristics of TGS26-series sensors, please refer to the Product Information document for each sensor.
This module will output the resistance value of the TGS26- series sensor as a voltage change. Temperature compensation for sensor output is not a feature provided by this module.


  • Measures output voltage of TGS26-series MOS gas sensors
  • Selectable from three types of load resistors (RL) according to detected gas and its concentration

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