Evaluation Module for FECS-series Sensors

EM-FECS(B) Evaluation Module for FECS-series Sensors

The EM-FECS(B) evaluation module is designed to perform the testing and evaluation of the three-electrode electrochemical gas sensors in the FECS-series.

Since the output voltage (VOUT) corresponding to the sensitivity characteristics can be obtained, the characteristics of the FECS sensor can be easily evaluated.

The FECS-series sensor is placed into the sensor socket on the EM-FECS(B). If target gas is present, the output current generated from the FECS-series sensor (*1) is converted into output voltage. A linear relationship exists between output voltage and target gas concentration. By measuring in advance, the output voltage in a known target gas concentration, that gas concentration can be calculated from the measured output voltage values. (*2)



  • Compatible with all FECS-series sensors
  • Converts sensor output current to voltage output
  • Selectable load resistors depending on sensor model
  • Anti-polarization circuit during power OFF period

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