Cincoze’s Latest Sunlight Readable Display Modules

This all-in-one Sunlight Readable Panel PC series is available from 15.6”~24” displays, projected capacitive touch screen, powered by Intel® Core™ U series processor with only 15 watt power consumption. It is a rugged and reliable panel PC solution with brightness up to 1600 nits dedicating to sunlight industrial applications.

All-in-one Sunlight Readable Panel PC series


The CRYSTAL display modules can be combined with the P2000 or P1000 embedded system modules to make a panel PC or the M1000 series display modules to make an industrial touch monitor. In any combination, the CRYSTAL product line provides the high brightness, high resolution, high modularity, and high strength needed for applications in harsh outdoor environments. In recent years, human-machine interface (HMI) applications have become a critical factor in the evolution of IoT, and depending on the application requirements, they can be divided into two main categories: HMIs for automation in industry, and public service HMI, such as kiosks. The newly launched high-efficiency sunlight-readable display modules are highly suited for these outdoor applications.

Connecting to the Core of Intelligent Computing


Connecting to the Core of Intelligent Computing

The core of intelligent manufacturing and automation lies in using IoT technology to integrate equipment, network communication, and control drivers, with HMI as the final connection layer. Cincoze CRYSTAL - Sunlight Readable Display Modules are ideally suited for outdoor HMI applications and are available in a comprehensive selection of sizes and screen ratios, including 8” to 19” in 4:3, and 15”, 21”, and 24” in 16:9, that combine with embedded system modules (P2000 and P1000 series) to make a sunlight readable panel PC with rich I/O interfaces such as GbE LAN, USB 3.0, VGA, DisplayPort, and more, to quickly implement data networking and collect production and machine health data. The built-in Mini PCIe slot can be used for wireless communication modules with WiFi, 3G, LTE, and GPS to achieve wireless networking and positioning suitable for outdoor energy extraction equipment such as drilling control and truck scale systems, allowing IoT data collection and monitoring. In addition, the whole series provides various protection mechanisms, including overvoltage and overcurrent protection, to prevent malfunction due to abnormal power supply or environmental factors. These protection measures are critical for any HMI installed in outdoor factory systems.

Outdoor Kiosk for Convenient Living


Outdoor Kiosk for Convenient Living

HMI has a wide range of applications in our daily lives, most commonly in the form of interactive kiosks, such as self-service ticket machines or drive-thru food ordering machines. The Sunlight Readable Display Module of the Cincoze CRYSTAL product line has a display brightness of up to 1600 nits and full HD (1920x1080) resolution, so even when operating in the sunlight, the screen is still easy to read. Durability and strength come from the high standard industrial-grade design, with a die-cast aluminum front frame, 50,000 hours backlight life, and 7H high-hardness projective capacitive screen. The system is verified IP65 waterproof and dustproof, so there’s no fear of sun and rain. And the exclusive CDS technology makes maintenance easy and provides flexibility for future upgrades. The Cincoze CRYSTAL product line is suitable for outdoor applications such as waste oil recovery cabinets, parcel lockers, electric vehicle charging piles, and vending machines.

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