Mini environmental gas sensor for IoT applications

MPS Mini Flammable
ART.NR MPS™ Mini Flammable

Next Generation Combustible Gas Detection for an IoT World.

NevadaNano’s Molecular Property SpectrometerTM (MPS) Flammable Gas sensor is powering the next generation of combustible gas detection, delivering TrueLELTM. The MPS delivers unprecedented reliability, accuracy, and safety by simultaneously detecting over a dozen of the most common combustible gases.

MPS Mini Flammable

The MPS Mini Flammable gas sensor is a low-cost package specifically targeting IoT and high-volume applications. This enables to set new standards in connected gas sensors and helps companies create safer working environments in industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

Sensor readings are output on a UART digital bus providing industry first gas classification or industry- standard analog output for easy integration and improved performance into existing designs.

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Enhanced Safety across Many Applications and Wide-Ranging Environments

  • Accurate LEL measurements for single gas exposures as well as multi-gas mixtures including Methane, Natural Gas, Propane & Hydrogen
  • Built-in real-time environmental compensation (-40-75°C and 0 to 100% humidity)
  • Comprehensive sequence of self-checks
  • Real-time auto gas classification – delivering complete

Trustworthy Performance and No Maintenance Required

  • Zero false alarms
  • Zero maintenance (no calibration)
  • Zero poisoning
  • Fast response time T90 <20 seconds
  • Comprehensive sequence of self-checks · 2 year warranty
  • 10+ year lifetime

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