Invasive Blood pressure measurement

IBPM plus system

Hybymed® IBPM plus system is an upgrade to the hybymed® IBPM system because it additionally enables closed blood sampling system.

Waste of all types and the possibility of IV line and subsequently patient infection are reduced, and medical personnel are protected from direct blood contact.


  • Closed, needleless, “in line” clean arterial blood sampling system.
  • Part of the invasive arterial blood pressure measurement line.
  • Standardises the blood sampling procedure from the aspects of repeatability, accuracy, and safety.
  • Prevents bubble formation during the taking of samples.
  • Simple wash-out of blood residuum.

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Technical specifications:

  • 2 ml reservoir.
  • Closed three-pole valve with automatic rinsing and standard Luer sampling gates.
  • 30 cm distance of the sampling gates from the patient’s Luer connector.

Additional features

  • The reservoir is to be attached to a holder, which itself is attached to a sensor contact plate.
  • The reservoir is especially designed to enable safe, but reliable single-hand manipulation.
  • Hybymed® IBPM plus system programme products can also be prepared according to the customer’s specifications.

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