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ART.NR DX-1200

12th Gen. Intel® Core™ Series High Performance and Compact Rugged Embedded Computer

The DX-1200 is a fanless embedded computer that packs extreme performance into a rugged, compact chassis, making it the ideal choice for smart manufacturing, machine vision, and edge AI applications. A 12th gen Intel® CoreTM (Alder Lake-S) processor (TDP up to 65W) and DDR5 4800 MHz memory provide high-speed computing performance, while additional functions, including rich native I/O and modular expansion design, meet the requirements for a wide range of applications.

Rapid Processing and Inference

The DX-1200 supports 12th gen Intel® Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 (Alder Lake-S) processors based on the Intel 7 process, with up to 16 cores (8P + 8E) and 24 threads, delivering more than 1.35x the speed of Comet Lake-S platform. The Intel® Xe architecture of the UHD 770 graphics chip boosts GPU image classification inference performance to 2.8Å~ the speed of Comet Lake-S, providing the processing performance needed for AI and edge computing.

High-speed, Safe Memory

Two DDR5 SO-DIMM slots support up to 64GB of 4800MHz memory and include ECC (Error Correction Code) technology, giving the extra stability and reliability needed for industrial automation applications.

Rich and Diverse Expandability

To cater to the widest range of industrial applications, the DX-1200 provides one M.2 Key E slot and two Mini PCIe slots for the addition of WiFi, GNSS, 4G, and Bluetooth. The Mini PCIe slots also support I/O expansion cards, frame grabber cards, and more, to meet different application requirements.

High-speed, Reliable Data Transmission

To improve the transfer rate of videos or large files, the DX-1200 supports up to four high-speed 10Gbps LAN ports. And for application environments that require multiple network connections, the DX-1200 supports up to 8x PoE, providing data and power through the same cable to reduce the difficulty of wiring.

Robust and Reliable

The DX-1200 is built tough, reflected in its industrial-grade protection design and industry certifications in different fields. In addition to features such as wide temperature (-40 - 70°C), wide voltage input (9 - 48 VDC), overvoltage, overcurrent, and ESD protection, it also complies with the US military shock vibration standard MIL-STD-810G. For more secure railway computing, it also passes the EMC EN 50121-3-2 standard in EN 50155 and the EN 45545-2 fire protection standard.


  • Intel® 12th Gen Alder Lake-S Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 Processors (max 65 W TDP)
  • 2 x DDR5 SO-DIMM Sockets, Supports ECC/non ECC type Memory, Up to 4800MHZ, 64GB
  • Quad Independent Display (HDMI / DP / DVI-I)
  • 1x M.2 Key E Type 2230 Socket for Intel CNVi / Wireless Module
  • CMI Technology for Optional I/O Module Expansions
  • CFM Technology for Power Ignition Sensing & PoE Function
  • Wide Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C
  • DX-1200 is certified by safety standard -UL 62368-1.

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