Pre-calibrated Module for CO


The CMM5042 is an embedded type of module equipped with the carbon monoxide gas sensor TGS5042 and enables users to easily build a high quality CO detector by simply assembling it, eliminating electronic circuit design work required for properly utilizing the sensor such as temperature compensation and anti-polarization circuit, and calibration process in a detector production line.

TGS5042 has excellent durability, long-term stability and has been widely used in the field of CO detectors for home and commercial use. The analog output voltage of this module is linear in relation to the gas concentration, which allows easy measurement of CO concentration. In addition, this module has an input port for the self-diagnostic control to check malfunctioning state of the gas sensor by an external microcontroller.

For the specifications and sensitivity characteristics of the gas sensor itself, please refer to the TGS5042 product information, the technical information and the application notes.



  • Embedded module for easy integration
  • Linear output characteristics
  • Maintenance free
  • Wide driving voltage range


  • Residential and commercial CO detectors
  • Ventilation control
  • CO monitor for gas boilers, kerosene
  • space heaters, etc.

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