Pre-calibrated module for combustible gas

ART.NR CGM6812-B00

The CGM6812-B00 combustible gas sensor module is a new unit which utilizes TGS6812, Figaro's catalytic pellistor type gas sensor which features durability and stability.

This module provides analog output voltage proportional to hydrogen gas concentration. CGM6812-B00 has conformal coatings for moisture-proofing and electrical insulation purposes and is also capable of detecting sensor wire breakage. The unit has a wide range of operating temperature from -10° to +60°C.

Because the TGS6812 sensor can detect methane and LP gas as well as hydrogen, this module is suitable for gas leak detection in stationary fuel cells which use hydrogen generated from combustible gases.



  • Linear analog output proportional to gas concentration
  • Maintenance free
  • Compact size
  • Meets RoHS requirements


  • Gas leak detection in fuel cell systems
  • Hydrogen & combustible gas leak detectors

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