Meditek MT3333 baserad GNSS-modul


I en liten modul får man här en kompetent GNSS-mottagare


  • GLONASS and GPS simultaneously
  • 99 acquisition-/ 33 tracking channels
  • Ultra high tracking/navigation sensitivity: -165dBm
  • Extremely fast TTFF at low signal level
  • QZSS, SBAS (WAAS,EGNOS,MSAS,GAGAN) or DGPS(RTCM) correction support
  • A-GPS by EPO “Extended Prediction Orbit” TM enables 7/14days prediction
  • 12 Multitone Active Interference Canceller (MTAIC) for GPS-in-band jammer rejection
  • EASY TM : Self generated orbit prediction support
  • AlwaysLocate TM : Intelligent Algorithm for power saving
  • Embedded logger function
  • High accuracy 1PPS output
  • NMEA-0183 or binary protocol
  • High update rate (up to 10/s)
  • GPS+GLONASS Consumption current(@3.3V):
  • Acquisition: 30mA typical
  • Tracking: 22mA typical
  • Low backup current consumption 15uA, typical
  • SMD type , stamp type adaptor availble
  • Small form factor: 10x9.3x2.0 mm

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