Pre-calibrated Module for Refrigerant Gases R-32

ART.NR FCM2630-E00

FCM2630-E00 is an embedded type of module using the semiconductor gas sensor TGS2630 which is optimized to detect A2L refrigerant gas R-32.

This module enables users to easily build a reliable gas leakage detection system by eliminating electronic circuit design for temperature compensation and the calibration process. In addition, a connector allows easy replacement of the gas sensor module for periodic maintenance.

The TGS2630 gas sensor has a built-in filter to reduce the influence of alcohol and other interference gases, resulting in high selectivity to R-32. For more detailed information on the gas sensor, including sensitivity characteristics, see TGS2630 Product Information.

FCM2630-E00 is capable of satisfying the IEC60335-2-40 Edition 6.0 Annex LL and the JRA4068:2021 (Performance 3) standards. The applicable standards are both limited to refrigerant gas type: R-32.



  • Factory calibrated
  • Temperature compensation circuit
  • Resistant to interference gases
  • Open collector output (monitoring/alarm/ malfunction output)
  • Meets IEC60335-2-40 and JRA4068 requirements


  • Refrigerant gas leak detection in air conditioning/refrigeration system

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