AI Forklift Safety Kit

VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit

Prevent accidents and avoid damage to valuable goods and equipment with the VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit. With its rich visual intelligence and smart detection features, the kit enables operators to safely maneuver their vehicles in the most demanding warehouse environments by delivering real-time alerts whenever it detects potential hazards. Its highly-sophisticated DMS (Driver Monitoring System) further boosts safety by detecting operator tiredness, distraction, and risky behaviors such as using a phone.

Rich Visual Intelligence

To provide operators with the smart visual intelligence they need to safely maneuver around busy warehouse environments, the VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit delivers a rich 360° panoramic video stream direct to a high-resolution 7” screen. With DMOD (Dynamic Moving Object Detection) support in the front and rear cameras, the kit issues alerts whenever it detects potential safety threats such as the unexpected arrival of another vehicle or person within a close range – giving the operator time to take the appropriate action to prevent an accident.

Smart Operator Behavior

To ensure that operators are fully focused when they are behind the wheel, the VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit features a highly-sophisticated DMS using an FOV-60° camera that can be installed in the front of the cabin. When it detects signs of fatigue, distraction, and dangerous behavior such as yawning, eyes closing, using a smart phone, and even smoking, the DMS automatically sends a visual or audio alert to the operator. To prevent unauthorized staff from operating the vehicle, the DMS also supports Driver ID using facial recognition technology.

Rock-Solid Reliability

Comprising the robust VIA Mobile360 M810 in-vehicle system and high-quality components including cameras and display that have undergone stringent testing and validation procedures, the VIA Mobile360 AI Forklift Safety Kit delivers rock solid reliability in the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments on all types of forklifts.

VIA Mobile 360 comes in three versions:

  • VIA Mobile360 M820: support up to 9 x CSI camera + HDD bay: for HGV or special heavy vehicles where they need SVS + ADAS + DMS all functions, like to store data/footage into local storage and have more budget.
  • VIA Mobile360 M810: support up to 6 x CSI camera: for mid-size vehicles which needs SVS or SVS + DMS or ADAS + DMS and in HD quality of videos
  • VIA Mobile360 M500 Forklift solution: support 3 x AHD camera for forklifts.




Mobile360 M820

Mobile360 M820

Fanless ultra-compact in-vehicle safety system with flexible ADAS, SVS, and DMS integration options.


  • Nine FAKRA connectors
  • AWS IoT Greengrass qualified
  • VIA ADAS technology including FCW, BSD, LDW, SLD, and DMOD
  • VIA SVS technology enabling real-time 360° panoramic display
  • VIA DMS technology including distraction and drowsiness detection


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