CAP-XX supercaps for windshield breakage detection

CAP-XX supercaps selected by jack for first windshield breakage detection IoT device

CAP-XX’s supercapacitors enable Jack to be self-powered by solar light, storing solar energy and then delivering high burst power needed for the device’s advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data communications.

Jack, developer of the first windshield breakage detection solution, has selected the CAP-XX HS208F supercap, ultra-thin prismatic and cylindrical supercapacitors, for its solar-powered IoT device.

Jack chose the CAP-XX prismatic supercapacitors for their ability to store the solar energy harvested by the device’s onboard 4-cell solar panel, for their low ESR which enables the high burst of power needed for the device’s advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data transmissions, and for their thin form factor which fits easily inside the small (L x H x W) 134mm x 22.30mm x 27.60mm IoT device. The Jack device only needs a small 1.2Ah Li-SOCl2 backup battery because the CAP-XX supercap stores enough solar energy to almost completely power the device from solar light.

The Jack windshield-mounted device uses piezoelectric sensors to detect windshield impacts, analyzes the severity and location data from each impact using proprietary cloud-based machine learning algorithms, and then notifies the vehicle owner or insurer in real-time to enable proactive repair maintenance when required. With timely repairs, the goal is to mitigate glass maintenance costs by 50% or more.

The Jack device communicates via BLE 5.2 with a certified Gateway device, which can be an Android or iOS phone app using the Jack SDK, Jack’s own Android/iOS phone app, Jack’s Gateway telematics solution or a third-party telematics solution with Jack support.

Jack uses the ultra-power-dense CAP-XX HS208F supercap to deliver high currents required by the IoT application.

Features of the CAP-XX HS208S supercapacitor include:

  • 900 mF / 5.5 Volt
  • -40 to +85ºC
  • 39 x 17 x 3.4 mm
  • Very very low ESR of 45 mΩ
  • Remarkably low leakage current 1 µA (micro-Amp)

“The ultra-thin CAP-XX supercapacitor is a key enabler because it fits easily in our small device, and it has the energy density to almost completely power our device from solar light,” said Nicolas Chorine, CEO of Jack.

“We are proud to provide the high energy and power density Jack needs to power its advanced communication system,” said Anthony Kongats, CEO at CAP-XX. “This is just one of the many possible applications for thin CAP-XX supercapacitors in IoT devices.”


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