New Generation Ultra-Low Power ARMPAC-6B with High Computing Performance

ARMPAC-6B! is a new generation of ARMPAC series, which is cost effective but also has high performance efficiency.

ARMPAC-6B is a HMI with projective capacitive touch screen, which comes in 7” TFT-LCD and upcoming 10.1” TFT-LCD. It is powered by Cortex-A72 processor with onboard memory 4GB SDRAM and storage for 16GB/32GB eMMC (optional). Besides, it has powerful graphic performance as well for supporting different software applications.

ARMPAC-6B I/O connectivity and expansibility

ARMPAC-6B features IP65 compliant front flat bezel with plastic chassis to provide a lightweight, durable, rugged and cost-effective factory automation solution. It comes in 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB download, 2 x COM and 1 x GbE LAN. As for expansion, it provides 1 x micro sim card slot, on board module for internet connectivity of 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS with antenna holes; and 1 x I/O expansion bay for expansion card TB-508 series to expand I/O connectors for customers to meet their demands.

ARMPAC-6B I/O connectivity and expansibility

Rugged ARMPAC-6B is well prepared for industrial automation application

ARMPAC-6B comes in fan-less design but is able to operate under wide range temperature from 0 ~ 50℃. It requires ultra-low power consuming with DC 24V input with 3kV power isolation as well. Furthermore, ARMPAC-6B provides flexible software customization service with multiple operating system, such as Android 10 and Yocto Linux.

Rugged ARMPAC-6B is well prepared for industrial automation application

ARMPAC-6B offers high expansibility of I/O interfaces and software support. It has equipped with various advantages, including having high computing and graphic performance, lightweight but stable construction, reliable and easy to maintenance features. By all benefits ARMPAC-6B brings, it can highly integrate with peripheral devices in industrial automation applications.

Product Guide

Product Guide ARMPAC-6B

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