ARC-1535/ARC-1538 Rugged panel PCs with touchscreen

Avalue has recently unveiled its new-generation rugged panel PCs with touchscreen – the ARC-1535 with Intel® Atom® x6211E/x6413E/x6425E processor and the ARC-1538 with 11th Gen Intel® CoreTM i7/i5/i3 processor. The ruggedized ARC serie are specifically designed to be waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and scratchproof. Able to survive high humidity, temperature and vibration, they are ideally suitable for operation in harsh environment, ensuring that machines continue working normally without disruption.

The ARC series are suitable for using in diverse application scenarios, including industrial automation (e.g. HMI, heavy-industry manufacturing, non-stop production process and industrial automation), rehabilitation equipment (e.g. decompression machine, rehabilitation machine and training machine), and automated kiosks (e.g. automated vending machine, ATM, interactive kiosk and payment machine). The emphasis of Avalue’s ARC series design includes IP-65 rated water and dust resistance, wide operating temperature range, sunlight readable, support 5G and Wi-Fi 6 wireless transmission, and coating technology for PCAP touchscreen, making it the ideal solution for all applications whether indoor or outdoor.

Brand new design rear cover to fix higher requirement for heat dispatch

New-generation ARC series products come with newly designed SBC motherboard. Equipped brand new design back cover to reinforce all system’s heat dissipation required with new-generation CPU and 5G wireless module. Retaining the service window design for 2.5” storage and memory, user can maintenance and upgrade the hardware configuration without disassembly whole system, it makes everything convenient and fast like previous ARC series. Moreover, with up to seven antenna holes, including four to support 5G and three to support Wi-Fi 6 transmission, it is future-readied for wireless technology trends.

Ruggedized design that adapts to diverse application scenarios

With IP-65 rated front panel and IP-41 rated back cover, the ARC series can be used in humid and dusty operating environments. Wide temperature range (-10~50°C) and wide voltage range (12~24V) design reduces the problem caused by voltage instability due to rapid temperature changes and consequential losses from system stoppage. In addition, easy-to-install mechanism design and panel mounting kit, which makes it easy for customers to install in the required applications and systems. In terms of panel, customers may optionally choose optical bonding for their flat panels according to their needs. Optical bonding ensures complete adhesion between touchscreen panel and protective glass layer. By eliminating any possible space or air gap, light can pass smoothly through the glass surface, preventing ghost imaging result from internal reflecting surfaces. Not only does it to provide high quality display under strong light, but also provides excellent user experience and ease of operation. Furthermore, customers can choose from a wide array of optical coating technologies to solve problems resulting from changes in lighting conditions, fogging and dirt, including AG (Anti-Glare) coating and anti-reflection coating, which are particularly suitable for outdoor displays, mobile devices, vehicular systems, military using and industrial applications.

Support 5G/ Wi-Fi 6 for stable, lag-free data transmission

High speed and low latency in data transmission are the cornerstone of wireless transmission, which is why its requirements and future trends are strongly focusing on the design of the ARC series. Designed to support up to seven antennas holes for 5G and Wi-Fi 6, an ARC series panel PC can connect to multiple wireless transmission equipment, and provide larger bandwidth, thus faster upload and download speed, through Wi-Fi 6 transmission, enabling faster, more stable and more synchronous information transmission speed.

Support IET module for unlimited I/O expansion

Continuing the ARC series legacy of ruggedness, high expandability and highly customization, all ARC series products support Avalue’s proprietary IET (Intelligent Expansion Technology) modules, meeting the requirements of different applications through connection with external modules. Currently users can choose from a myriad variety of IET modules based on specific budget or specifications to achieve fast assembly and expansion, shorten development process and reduce management costs. Thanks to the high flexibility of IET technology, matching IET modules can be specifically designed whenever customized requirements are requested. IET modules have been created to meet increasingly greater demand for systems that are smaller in size yet capable of adequate performance and expandability. For more information on IET modules contact us at ACTE!

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